~fabric acquisitions~

If you read yesterday’s post you’ll know what I got up to, and here is the result:
With 30% off everything, I saved about $70!
The yellow is a cute lightweight cotton shirting – I haven’t worn yellow much in the past, but it seems to go with lots of things from jeans to charcoal grey, so I figure it is time to introduce this flash of sunshine into my wardrobe.  It was $18/m and has a very cute texture:
This was an impulse buy – it was only $8 in the remnant pile for a 90cm piece and I picked it out while the girl was adding up my order!  It is a black viscose georgette with yellow circles which I hope to squeeze a top out of.  My son loves it – he said it reminded him of a bee – mmm, now I have my doubts!
The orange is a fine Italian cotton twill that I will make into a summer skirt.  It is a gorgeous quality, and was $18/m:
As you can see it is Autumn here, and our grapevine is about to lose all it’s leaves for the winter! 
I fell in love with this black silk jacquard with cherries – it is a Marc Jacobs piece and was $24/m.  I was considering buying some last time I visited, so was pleased to get it with a discount.  It will end up as a top of some sort:
This pic shows the cute cherries better:
I also picked up this tweedy stuff that I will make into a Chanel-style jacket – I’ve always wanted one to wear with jeans!  I was also eyeing this fabric up last time I visited, but it was $32/m and had no wool content.  It is actually acrylic/polyester which I’d normally avoid for a jacket, but this is loosely woven so is acceptable to me.  Plus I love the camel and pink colours woven throughout.
I’ve saved the best for last – a textured wool in a cute pink that just shouts Jackie Onassis!  I think I will be making a little retro jacket out of this – something to brighten up jeans or a basic black outfit.  I can’t remember whether it was $24 or $32/m, but it doesn’t matter – I would have bought it regardless!
So that is the result of my little splurge – I’m happy now!
But there was that yellow and white floral linen that I thought would make a great vintage sundress…..

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6 thoughts on “~fabric acquisitions~

  1. Nice purchases! There is a Melbourne store too and they had the sale yesterday as well. I considered going but I work all day and it was cold and raining so I stayed temptation free.


  2. Great fabrics! I so know how it feels. There are always other fabrics that you didn't buy and suddenly find all kinds of uses for 😀 It's quite addicting, isn't it?


  3. What gorgeous fabrics you have chosen. I love them all but, you are right, that last one, the pink wool, is very special and will make a fabulous jacket.


  4. Ohhhh FUN! Love the cherries one, it's adorable! Silk tone-on-tone cherries is such a sophisticated, adult way to do a fruit print. And the pink one is divine!
    Are New Zealand dollars the same/similar to US dollars?
    Thanks for sharing your lovely purchases!


  5. Love your fabric purchases, particularly the yellow shirting. Such a nice color! Thanks again for your excellent advice on my sloper/muslin. I'm still working on it. Sleeves are evil. 🙂


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