~lace hem~

I’ve been knitting this pretty pretty lace hem for my latest project – isn’t it exquisite?  I wish you could handle it because that is half it’s beauty – the yarn is Naturally NZ Dawn, a 50% wool/50% silk blend, and the resulting lace looks delicate and rather vintage.

Vogue knitters might recognise this lace pattern – it is actually the hem of #11 Lace Tank by Nancy Cassels, from their S/S 2007 issue.  However that isn’t what I’m knitting – even though that is actually in my queue!  This is the first time I’ve knitted lace with yarnovers and decreases in every row – just as well each row only has a few stitches!  For the record I am using 3mm needles to get a finer lace.

So what have I really started knitting?

I’ve begun the Ruffle and Pleat Skirt by Cecily Glowick MacDonald, from Interweave Knits Summer 2009, and my little piece of lace is going on the hem of the underskirt, so it peeps out all pretty-like!  However I’ve renamed it the Ladder and Lace skirt, because the so-called ‘pleats’ are really strategically placed ladders, and my underskirt will feature lace.

Here’s my swatch for the main skirt so you get the picture (excuse the mess – it’s only my swatch!):

The yarn is Cleckheaton Bamboo, which knits up nice and drapy and suitable for this skirt, and it will go with my favourite shoes!

So once I have finished this lace, my immediate future involves a lot of tedious stocking stitch…..
But I’ll have fun making those ladders!

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