~clandestine socks~

I’ve had these socks ‘almost finished’ for a while, and they were just waiting for me to graft the toes before their official completion.  Grafting always gets put on hold by me – I can never remember what to do and have to get out my instructions every time.  As part of a New Year resolution to finish my half completed objects, I finally got around to it today.   I really don’t know why I always put this job off because it took all of 10 minutes!
I hand dyed the yarn for these socks, and as you can see by the little piece in the photo, I just had enough!  My dye method is described in this previous post.  The colour came out slightly different than I intended, so I decided to knit Cookie A’s “Clandestine Socks” instead.  I don’t know why I chose to knit such a complex pattern in variegated yarn, but once I got going I found the pattern so interesting I couldn’t stop!  Perhaps a plain coloured version will be completed in the future, but I’m not making any guarantees with my queue in its current state.

The design is assymetric, and there are charts for L and R socks so that they mirror each other.  I love the way the twisted rib decreases into the wrapped stitches, and the slight scallop it forms.  And in between the fans lies a pretty lace design – Cookie A is so clever!
I find them a little baggy around the lower leg though – if I make them again I would use a smaller needle in this region.  There is also a little error in the L Foot Chart with the knit tbl stitches, so for rows 5 and 9 – the knit tbl should be k2tog tbl, and vice versa.  If you knit the R sock first this will be clear.
I won’t really be wearing them with these shoes – I’m purely copying the styling on the Clandestine pattern
If you asked me a year ago, I would have said “whoever would knit a pair of socks?”  Now, I think I’m hooked because I’m planning which socks to knit next – I blame Ravelry!

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