Tricks of the Trade: Continuous Bound Sleeve Placket

How to Sew a Continuous Bound Sleeve Placket - a sewing tutorial by Pattern Scissors Cloth

A continuous bound placket is one of my favourite methods for a sleeve placket where lightweight fabrics are used, such as on a blouse or dress.  It is easily inserted into a one piece sleeve where a vertical split is made – not at the sleeve seam, but at the location of the little finger. You will need to […]

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~tricks of the trade: attaching a shirt cuff~

Earlier this year I made this dress in a dark plum viscose georgette, and I have never shown you, because other than trying it on for size, I have never actually worn it!  It really needs boots to give it an edge, and my wardrobe lacks a pair of them at the moment, so the poor thing sits there in […]

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