Harlow Jacket Progress

I’ve been making slow but gradual progress on the Harlow Jacket from Verena Knitting.  Most progress has been made by knitting on breaks at work and on the bus – it is amazing what you can achieve in what would otherwise be downtime!

It is coming along quite nicely despite my adjust-as-you-go approach*.  It is slightly small in the bust even with the darts and short rows, but not enough to unravel all that work.  Besides, I’ve almost finished the front bands so now that would be impossible!  

Next up is knitting the collar, but the bit I really can’t wait to do is weaving in all those ends, ha ha:

Would anyone like to volunteer?!

* I should mention that the Verena instructions are excellent and the design is well thought out and constructed, but I changed the yarn, needles, size, tension, and sleeve length, because I just like making things hard for myself!  

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32 thoughts on “Harlow Jacket Progress

  1. It's bad enough weaving in the ends of my knitting; I'm not going to volunteer to do yours!

    Looks great so far. And don't worry about the bust, in my (limited experience) knitting stretches in the wash.


  2. Wow that is lovely. It's great to see a different design. Mind I won't be knitting it, I stick to small people knits now…and I'm sorry Im not volunteering for the sewing in either, just finished a picture knit for 5yr old grandson and it was a nightmare! Good luck!!


  3. My goodness this looks amazing! And yes, it is impressive what can be achieved when you put your commuting / travelling time to good use!


  4. I hate hate hate weaving in the ends. I still have a stripey blanket with each stripe a different colour to do (it's a present as well and needs to be done) and I have been trying to motivate myself saying only ten ends at the time, but it is not working. Maybe on the weekend I'll pull myself together 🙂


  5. no probs – just send across the 'puddle' to me outside Melbourne! 😉
    (needless to say it'll take a while ! 😉 )


    NB: love the colour-scheme!


  6. Where's the fun in doing a pattern as written? ha! Great color combo!

    I do my best knitting on trains and planes and coffee breaks, too. It makes me feel much more productive in otherwise wasted time.


  7. Love it, it's going to be great – especially love the peplum and the wrist detail. I'll weave in your ends – it's just a little sewing and will finally get me to New Zealand! (Attitude adjustment/Zen zone practice). Besides, I owe you for all your great tutorials and pattern sharing.

    I just finished my first short rows at the bust and was surprised how nicely they shape the fit (I never thought I really absolutely needed them).

    I love Lucy Neatby's video, showing how to weave as you go without double stitches (circular, though). Is that New Zealand wool?


  8. Ooh I hope it does! I thought I would block it and try and make that area a big bigger, plus I knitted the front band slightly wider too to try and add another centimetre – every little bit helps!


  9. Thanks Marie! A couple of rows here and there soon adds up! I find it hard to sit down and knit at home, because there are so many more important things I think I should be doing.


  10. The candidate got 100 points for guessing right – hoooow could you possibly be so good with this guess work?! 😀

    Love, Gerlinde

    (yet let's 'soften' the suspicion: eventually or – in good case – we take turns?)


  11. The plum is Naturally NZ Loyal, but I have no idea what the mustard yarn is as it was thrifted for $1!
    This pattern has a waist dart and side bust dart and it fits really nice – I'm a short row convert now, not that it took much!


  12. It's looking good!! I envy your ability to knit “on the go”. I have tried but get wound up if I have to stop in the middle of a row. It takes me more time to organize the stitches in the needle after. Or maybe I am just a clumsy knitter 😉

    Can't wait to see it done!!


  13. I'll happily weave in your few little ends, if you'll take the pair of socks I've just finished that have 30 different colors of yarn in each sock. Plus the beginning and end of the cuff, and the heel, and the toe … am purblind from looking at all those ends! Or, possibly purl-blind.


  14. Hi, I'm new to this thought I’ve been lurking for some time. I think it's looking good and the colours are great together. Was wondering if you could do a tut on blocking as I have never been shown and maybe others are interested.


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