A Bundle of Burdas

I recently placed a bid on a bundle of ten Burda magazines from 1968 – and won!

The sellers were moving overseas and kindly gifted me the other lots that didn’t sell, so I ended up with several more from 1967, 1969 and 1970.  There is also one from 1980 thrown in too – it looks scarily familiar, I am sure I actually made some of those designs!

Anyway – here’s a sneak peek:

Of course there is plenty more – and every time I pick up a magazine and browse through it I discover something new!  I will try and make the kimono sleeve coat this winter, just deciding what colour…..

Do you have any favourites?

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31 thoughts on “A Bundle of Burdas

  1. Hurray for fresh reading/research material! There was much that was good about 60s clothing. I was just too young at the time to wear the darling suits and “grown-up lady” dresses. Glad that they've come back in style — designers thought carefully about fitting all sorts of body types then, not just the Skinny Minnies.


  2. What a great find. And that's a lot of a-line shapes! It was really the silhouette then, huh? I really like that military-ish coat with the big midriff and oversized collar. The fur-trimmed coat is pretty dreamy. (I'm still always drawn to Burda's coats, for some reason. Like I really need any!)


  3. Lucky bird! I would love to own something like that, just for inspiration. Love the coat the girl with the red gloves is wearing. The sleeve length is so flattering! I hope to see your creations from these magazines!


  4. Thanks for sharing! I have a stack of Burdas from about the same period, but sadly without the magazines (in an effort to save space, my grandmother kept only the pattern and instruction inserts). My favorites are the tweed standing collar dress and the brown scalloped collar dress. I'd really love to see what you will make.


  5. I love the 60s style! I'm oddly drawn to the coat with the fur trim on the hood and hem. But that light blue v-neck dress I think is my favorite, and would not look out of place today!


  6. Hello from Florida! My daughter was born in 1968 and all the patterns you just won are wonderful, to me. Today she wore an apron all day, everywhere she went, that I just completed for her. I call it “Guns and Roses meets June Cleever”! Her personality to a “t.” Robin said she was approached everywhere she went for the name of the store where she purchased it 🙂


  7. The grey coat (red gloves) is amazing and I love the black dress in the second last photos. Would love to know which volume they're from so I can try to find it myself.


  8. What a great selection of patterns! I've just started to draft my own patterns and I stumbled across your blog: it is already my new Mecca. And you're lucky enough to live in New Zealand. I went in 2009 and thought it was fabulous – I'm very jealous!


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