OK, I Do Have a New Year’s Resolution…

Despite leaving comments on several blogs that I don’t really have a New Year’s resolution, and that I chop and change my mind so much that I would never stick to one anyway, I have discovered three weeks into the new year that I actually do have one:

“My New Year’s resolution is to save as much money as I can on fabrics”

Well – I am pleased to announce that so far I am very successful in sticking to my resolution!

At the Global Fabrics sale I saved about $160 – yay!

Here’s what I bought saved money on:

  • Purple peacock feather print – silk/cotton – future dress
  • Turquoise brush stroke print – silk/cotton – future dress
  • Yellow floral – 100% cotton – future sundress
  • Amythest/black print – silk tafetta – future skirt
  • Rose lace – future shell top
  • Dark brown/pink rose print – 100% cotton – future dress
Mmm…I see a lot of dresses in my future!  I can’t wait to get started on the rose print one, but maybe the sundress should come first before summer leaves us.  What do you think?
By the way, I did suffer from some post-purchase guilt, so thought I better get started on something I bought in the last Global sale – here’s a sneak preview:

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20 thoughts on “OK, I Do Have a New Year’s Resolution…

  1. Wow, those fabrics look amazing! Such bright, pretty patterns. They're all lovely, but I was particularly admiring the yellow floral, rose print, and amethyst/black print. Great finds!


  2. That's too funny–a resolution that'll be hard to break! That peacock print is gorgeous. I can really see your palette in these fabrics with the rose and the amethyst.


  3. I love the purple peacock feathers and the blue one beside it, very pretty, your photo makes me want to go down to Global here in Wgtn and see if I can find them for myself! But it's ok, I made no such resolution to stop buying fabric 😉 Just to try and use more of it from my stash so you know, got to top it up every now and again, hehe xx


  4. Your post made me laugh out loud. My resolution is not to spend another sent on new fabric or patterns this year. I made it as I literally crammed my European purchases into an overstuffed cupboard.


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