Take my Patternmaking Class!

I have an exciting announcement – I’m going to be tutoring a patternmaking night class this term!  Well sort of patternmaking – it is titled “Patternmaking from a Garment you Love” and will go through all the techniques to obtain a perfect pattern from a favourite garment, without having to take it all apart!

The classes will be held on Wednesday evenings at Western Springs College in central Auckland, and will run for four weeks starting mid February.   I’ll show you all the tricks of the trade for turning a garment into a proper pattern, and tons of practical patternmaking tips along the way.  Plus, you’ll be able to ask me anything – you know how I love sharing info!

You can find all the details here at Leisuretime Learning, and there are sewing classes and other hobby classes available too.

I’m so excited to be tutoring as it is something I have always thought I would do eventually.  I thoroughly enjoyed teaching the fashion students who came to me for work experience, and you know I like making tutorials – so I imagine this will be equally fun!

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27 thoughts on “Take my Patternmaking Class!

  1. Congratulations!! You'll be a great teacher. Wish I could attend too, but like Poppykettle – live in Oz. I love your tutorials and sew-alongs, so I think you'll be a fantastic teacher. Have fun and enjoy!!!!


  2. Gah! I so wish I could be there! You are so wonderful at online tutorials, I have no doubt that your real-life students will be thrilled. You are such a rich resource! Have fun and remember to take care of yourself.


  3. Congrats! Knocking off a favorite is super fun, I made a jeans off of a favorite pair I had worn out and it's so great to have these jeans again!


  4. Well at least I live in the right COUNTRY, just the wrong end! Sounds like a ton of fun – good luck! (Teaching enthusiastic students must be the best teaching experience)


  5. Awesome. Will be you teaching this as an ongoing thing possibly? I'm planning a trip to Wellington, if I'm crossing the tasman anyway it'd be incredible to go to one of your classes. You've already had a major major impact on my sewing. 🙂


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