Blogoversary – and a Special Treat for My Readers!

Doesn’t time fly?  I can’t believe that I’ve reached my second blogoversary.  I’m not really sure why I first started blogging – part of it was to rejuvenate my interest in photography, show off my latest knitting project, and share some recipes – the whole spectrum, lol!  Can you believe my first post is three shy lines about a knitted gingerbread man finger puppet I made for my son?!

He now graces the Christmas tree every year!

Shortly after discovering Ravelry and knitting blogs, I discovered sewing blogs – and my blogging niche was found! I’m glad to be part of the online sewing community – the international inspiration, sharing, feedback, and camaraderie is something I look forward to every morning and every evening.  (OK, lunchtime and frequently during the day too, if I’m honest…..!)

Unfortunately after all my years working in the clothing industry, sewing had become work for me.  But the enthusiasm of other sewing bloggers quickly rejuvenated my pleasure in it as a hobby – so I owe you all a big thank you!

I also thank blogging for making me pay more attention to getting a good result – if something is getting photographed for the blog, it has to fit properly without any wrinkles as the camera never lies!  Too often in the past I’d get lazy and settle for second best when “it’s only for me”, but now I frequently catch myself muttering “I can’t post it like this” as I reach for my quick-unpic. Better quality can only be a good thing!

I thought it was interesting to note that there are no photographs of myself early on – all my life I have preferred to be behind the camera:

As evidenced by this shy entry in a ‘self-portrait’ competition on Flickr 3 years ago!

Garments look so much better on, so I began to reluctantly photograph myself wearing them. And as I became braver I started to show my face, because the headless shots look so, err, faceless, and I noticed on other blogs that it added personality and I felt more connected with that person.  Now I am a lot more relaxed on the other side of the camera, even if I do tend to use the same pose all the time!

Look – no more photo-phobia!

Now, for all the lovely readers who have followed and supported and commented on my blog over the last two years, I have A Special Treat for you!

You might notice I’ve been relatively absent of late – well I’ve been busy making a PDF pattern of my Ruby Slip so you can download it and make your own version.  I’ve made four Ruby Slips now and they are really lovely to wear to bed, or even just lounging around the house in.  One would make a great gift for a lucky sister or friend also – there is still time to whip one up for Christmas!

Plus, I thought we could do a Ruby Slip Sew-Along – even though this is a simple garment to make there are lots of tips and tricks to share about sewing with lace, bias cutting, and also some variations to the pattern to explore – so let’s do it!  I hope to have the pattern uploaded very soon with all the details, and in the meantime you have permission to start fabric hunting!
Are you keen?
Cheers, Sherry

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69 thoughts on “Blogoversary – and a Special Treat for My Readers!

  1. Yep I'd be in for a sewalong! I always enjoy your blog Sherry, you have the best tutorials and your garments are always immaculately constructed


  2. Congratulations on two years of blogging. I recently came across your blog and have been following ever since, I love sew-a-longs, you always learn so much, and a slip make be a perfect Christmas present for someone.


  3. Thank you! Thank you! Firstly for having such a wonderful blog, I always look forward to reading it, and secondly for a lovely slip pattern. I've been looking for a pattern and yours is perfect. The sew-along sounds great, I'm in too!


  4. I have been looking for a chemise pattern to wear under sheer blouses. This is exactly the look I want, although I would do the whole thing in silk rather than lace. I would love to sew along.


  5. How perfect, I would love to sew along and make a ruby slip as well, thank you for organising. Happy blog anniversary, I appreciate all the info you share with us all.


  6. That red slip looks like just the type of slip I've been dreaming of… I look forward to reading more about the process and maybe even dipping my toe into making one for myself!


  7. I have to agree that all the fantastic sewing blogs, including your own, have been such a revelation!
    They have been a huge motivation to get back into sewing, and really pay attention to detail and fit.
    I'm looking forward to trying my hand at making a ruby slip of my own


  8. Congratulations with your blogoversary! And thanks for taking the time to make the pattern. I hesitate a little to say I would sign up a sew-along because I never got the jacket from your jacket sew-along finished, but I learnt so very much from the jacket sew-along that I have been able to use on other projects, so I would really love to participate.


  9. I found your blog during your tailoring sew-along, and have been a follower ever since.I love that your blog is not about the basics, it covers so much more that is needed to get a professional finish. I'm definitely going to sew-along this time round, I'll be catching up this weekend!


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