Grey Goes With…..

This winter I’ve been wearing my grey scallop skirt a lot – it just seems to go with everything

Like the complete rainbow, for instance:…..

A future coat
(OK, I admit that I haven’t been wearing this much because it is still in the imagination stage!)

Also, imaginary at this stage – an orange top.  Currently I only have a summer tank, but I am hunting for the perfect orange ponte for a winter top!
OK, onto something that isn’t imaginary…

My $1 bag from Some Shop Without A Name:
My boy was taking the shots today – and was enjoying snapping me in silly positions!
I think a good canary yellow bag is worth serious investment – I’ve used this a lot as it is so handy to brighten up a winter’s day!
I’ve been wearing this over a plain black top for winter – as a loose top it is definitely more flattering with a pencil skirt than an Aline, but you know what, I really don’t care!  One of my commenters gave me the idea of wearing it with grey a la Paul Smith – thanks Anne!
Teal or Turquoise:
A burda T-shirt:
This turquoise is a bit summery for this skirt, but wouldn’t teal be a nice winter option?
Cobalt tights with net tights overlaid:
I love to mix and match tights, and this is one of my favourite combos at the moment!
My soon to be finished cable cardigan:
I still need to sew the sleeve seams, sew on the buttons and weave in all those ends….
I better hurry up as spring is imminent!
OK – that’s enough changes of outfit for today – I think I have given you enough proof that grey goes with almost everything!

What’s your favourite combination with grey – is there anything fabulous that I need haven’t thought of?

(And for those of you who wondered what was wrong with my buttonholes in the last post, I have cut the welts in a different direction to the fronts – they look fine front-on at 90 degrees, but from the side on they appear darker or lighter depending on which way you look at them.  Luckily the four on the front are in the same direction, but all the others (done the night before) are running in the opposite direction!)

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22 thoughts on “Grey Goes With…..

  1. Love your wardrobe! Looks a bit like what I wish my wardrobe looked like 🙂 I mostly wear black and grey mixed with jewel tones. I also like layering with different shades of grey (though that is probably a very scandinavian look).


  2. I think your son did a fantastic job taking your pictures. Thank you so much for the inspiration and I love that skirt and everything else you paired with it. I like every color you showed, but I also like plum, grape/purple, and raspberry.


  3. There's nothing that doesn't go with gray! It's so versatile & classic. My favorite combo is gray & pink. It's feminine & sweet.


  4. I love yellow and gray! You have that one covered. I also layer tights (though it's summer in California and I can't even think about that now)- love that look. The closest to layering tights now is using black crackle nail polish over bright base coats.

    Good luck finding orange ponte, that's my fave color!


  5. OK, my love for that skirt has only increased!

    Funny, I almost never wear grey. I don't know why—it's a perfectly good colour, especially for a bottom or a coat. Well, I do have a couple of grey coats. Hmm.

    I think my favourite is the imaginary red top, though ;).


  6. I have always thought that grey goes with EVERYTHING! I'm wearing a sheer grey shirt today under a tank which is navy with hot pink reverse applique. I outlined the cut out sections with grey, so the grey shirt looks great under it, in my opinion. I loved seeing all your combinations!


  7. Laury – funnily enough we got a sprinkling of snow in Auckland a couple of weeks ago – the first time since 1939!

    Andrea – I've put raspberry knit on my shopping list!

    C – the yellow bag was from an op shop and the brand name is in ?Chinese, sorry I'm not much help for your bag hunting!

    Judy – sounds nice – is that your Alabama Chanin?


  8. I also have a lot of grey and black in the my wardrobe. They are great anchors for brighter colours. I love the scalloped hem – it has proved to me very versatile.


  9. I was into this grey with grey for awhile last year. I have too much black in my wardrobe and so like grey as a little bit of change. Purple always looks great with it, too.


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