The Scallop Skirt

I’ve been wanting a scalloped hem skirt for ages but never had the ‘right’ fabric – until I rummaged through the stash the other day and found a metre or so of some grey marl mystery fabric that I thought would be ideal. It is quite scratchy though, I fear it is some sort of polyester-made-to-look-like-but-definitely-not-feel-like-wool.  But beggars can’t be choosers – it was a free acquisition, plus has the double bonus of reducing the stash.  I thought if I lined it in silk satin that might counteract the negative, and I’ll just avoid touching the outsides!

It is a basic A-line with curved waistband that has a curvy inset piece highlighted with topstitching with scallops stuck on the bottom.  Initially I imagined a giant buttoned patch pocket three scallops wide, but it was so big it didn’t really look right anywhere, so I abandoned that idea.  Consequently the skirt is plainer than originally intended, even with the stitching detail.  At 55cm it’s a bit shorter than my usual length too, but this is a winter skirt and I kid myself I can get away with it wearing tights!

I’ve been onto DH all week not to mow the lawn, so I could photograph this skirt with all the fallen ginko leaves, which match my tights and new $1 bag perfectly!  The top is a Nouveau Top from my Winter 2002-ish collection – it still fits!

Here are some details – a topstitched waistband with tab detail, I wish I placed the front tabs slightly closer to the CF:

A scalloped hem with topstitching – coming up next I have a post on how to sew perfect scallops, quick and easy!

Tagua nut buttons ex some other project, and a silk satin facing/lining:

Now that I have more colour in my wardrobe, I’m really appreciating how versatile grey is.  I’ve usually only worn it with black, or maybe red, but it looks pretty cool with yellow, orange, pinks, purples and plums, and even emerald, cobalt and turquoise – almost everything!  I’m on the lookout for some nice orange jersey, or an orange polo neck, or maybe I should knit something orange, whatever, something orange to warm up this winter we are having.  Actually this winter is pretty warm so far, we’ve been hitting 20C recently and the skifields have no snow, but that doesn’t stop my orange craving! Maybe orange and purple…

Do you wear a lot of grey?  If so, what are your favourite colours to wear with it?

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44 thoughts on “The Scallop Skirt

  1. Sherry, Lovely new look … I love your new skirt and I am eagerly awaiting your tutorial about the scalloped edges. The workmanship is beautiful and I think the length is perfect.


  2. The scallops are so perfectly executed! It's a really cute, on trend skirt. I like grey with yellow and orange too. You are right, grey is very versatile.


  3. Nice job on the scallops. But I have to laugh, 20 degrees in your winter and we are having trouble hitting 20 in our summer here. Yet I am wearing sandals and capris, while you are wearing sweaters and stockings! Guess it's all relative.


  4. So adorable. The scallops look wonderful. As for wearing gray…yes! I love gray and yellow together. If I could re-do my wedding I would go with gray, yellow and aqua hues.


  5. It's beautiful. Love how the scalloped hem mirrors the cut-out in your top – styling perfection!! Also, very jealous of the Auckland winter…the English summer is struggling to reach 20 degrees!


  6. Grey, Brown and Navy are almost as important in my clothing as Black. In fact, since I started working after college, I've alway owned (and made!) at least one pair of trousers or skirt in Grey.

    I love your skirt, so cute! I think I need scallops in my life, LOL!


  7. Firstly I should mention that my DH doesn't need asking NOT to mow the lawn – he's really good at not mowing the lawn ;).
    I always look forward to seeing what you have made and this beautiful skirt is no exception. You have made a relatively simple skirt look very special – the scalloped hem, the topstitching and the buttons are all so lovely!!


  8. I don't think you need more detail on this skirt because of the scalloped trim. It might look too cluttered. I think it's perfect as is. And I love how you styled it. What a fun project.


  9. Very nice and you are right about gray being very versatile. I wear any bright color or print. Orange as you thought is great, so is fuchsia, pink, royal blue and the old standby red. Your skirt is lovely.


  10. We're not supposed to hit 20C today, here where it's summer. I want your winter! 😉

    I LOVE this skirt. I've been a little luke-warm on the scallops thing going around, but something about your (flawless) topstitching absolutely makes them pop. Gives them the right amount of weight or something. I love the length, too. And the topstitched tabs on the waistband. And… and… It is the perfect thing ever for pairing with some bright funky tights.

    Good job! 🙂 And I am excited for your scallop tutorial, too.


  11. Fabulous skirt. The scalloped edge and tabs are super touches – great points of interest. The tights are amazing and do look stunning next to the grass.


  12. wonderful skirt. I love combination of a garment in a traditional menswear type fabric with unique feminine style details. I wear a lot of gray. Lately with teals, caribean blues,greens and orchid purple.


  13. I really love this and have been dreaming about the 2 or 3 scalloped garments I've seen. I look forward to seeing how you get perfect scallops!


  14. Love the skirt! Any tips you can provide on perfecting topstitching are welcome here! I struggle trying to see exactly where my stitches are falling when I topstitch. I do use a post-it note paper on my machine to align with the border, but I'm hoping there is a better way! Thanks for your blog – it is enjoyable and informative.


  15. So cute – your topstitching is what I aspire too! Looking forward to your tutorial too 🙂

    Is it me or are scallops popping-up everywhere on the net? Seems everyone wants that little bit of fun injected into their sewing (yay!)


  16. Yep this is lovely and I really like the length on you too. Funny how we get used to wearing skirts at around a certain length. Wish we had nice leaves – we've got pine needles!


  17. Thank you so much for this inspiration Sheryll.
    I have drafted and sewn a skirt with scallops on the hem and it also has smaller ones on the pockets.
    The skirt fits so comfortably and I am really delighted with the results.


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