Burda September 1964

I found a 1964 Burda magazine a while ago, so let’s look inside!

It appears to be smack bang in the middle of the transition between 50’s and 60’s fashion, as you can see strong influences of both decades throughout the magazine.
I love the make up, and that bag is cute too don’t you think?
A paisley dress and a houndstooth coat – very 60’s!
This Asian inspired dress is classic, and wouldn’t look at all out of place today.
Tweed suits and dresses – many of the designs are quite boxy, and merely nipped in at the waist with a tie belt.  This is not a look that suits me so I was a bit disappointed to see so many like this, but my Mum said that is just how they wore them! 
Whatever happened to all this elegance?  Mainstream fashion today seems so downmarket in comparison!

But for me there are no designs in this issue that are screaming out make me, make me, make me!  Except maybe this one:

I like it, I’m just not confident I could pull it off successfully.  I suppose the right fabric with the right edge will present itself one day.  Maybe in pinstripe?
The guest designer must be a long tradition at Burda – in this issue it is Louis Feraud’s turn.
Chanel-style coats – I rather like the horizontal panelling.
Some cute shirts, and some girls trying very hard to be cute!
But the items I love most in this issue are the shoes:
Adorable no? I want each and every pair!

What do you think – are there any designs from this issue that you’d love to make?  Which ones deserve to be resurrected, and which ones are best left to history?

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18 thoughts on “Burda September 1964

  1. Love those shoes!! That's wear fashion has failed a bit – I think in the foot department. Hard to find a good pair of shoes, other than paying a fortune. Should I start cobbling (is that a word?)….hmmm


  2. I would wear that houndstooth coat and the paisley dress in a second. Is it just me or do the models actually look the age that they are portraying as opposed to these days where models seem to be much younger.


  3. I love the details on all of these outfits. Seems that with a few tweaks in fit, most of these could be very up-to-date. Wouldn't it be lovely if everyone strove for that elegant look to-day?


  4. Swoooooon!!! I've fainted…

    Back again. PLEASE make that wool thing with the rose embellishment. It is just too gorgeous for words. I love the satin-wool juxtaposition – in that one and the row above. So lovely.


  5. One of those coats looks like there's a buttonhole incorporated into the seam joining the collar to the coat – I love that detail! I love the one you picked too – what does the rest of it look like?


  6. I like your choice and can see it made in a tweed and trimmed in a silk dupionie . I think it needs to be Grandmas wardrobe style . Perhaps you could make the rose detachable , I do love the rose though . Hope you make it.


  7. 1964 – a very good year – those shoes are cute – but I feel the pain just looking at them. The elegance stands out, we are really super casual with our everyday clothing now!


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