~early inspiration~

I’m so pleased to hear that I am not alone in my ‘style rut’, and that some of you are planning to make inspiration boards too – I really look forward to seeing all your results!

While rummaging around my house looking for tit-bits to place on my inspiration board, I found a real blast from the past – the very first notebook of a wannabe fashion designer called you-know-who!
What a hoot! It is full of wonkily sketched design ideas – some that I am too embarrassed to reveal, and others that eventually did come to fruition. Here is a little peek, but I must emphasise that it was 1989!

I never did make the ‘peacock dress’ – lol – but I did make something very similar to the belted dress with the draped pleats!

And yes – I actually wore high waisted skirts the first time around!  I made the one with pleating and velvet ribbon above.
 And can you believe I am wearing an exact replica of the ‘school skirt’ below (left one) right now?!  Only the one I am wearing is not quite so short 😉
I thought it was quite interesting that some of my ideas way back then, still grab my attention 20 years later!    Graphic lines and shapes, shift dresses, Chanelisms, futuristic and mod looks – all these recur throughout the book, and throughout my career.

I figure that these things that have stood my taste test of time are definitely part of my personal style, and they are going to be incorporated in my inspiration board.

What about you?  Do you have any style elements that you have returned to again and again over the years, whether they were in or out of fashion?  Do share!

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8 thoughts on “~early inspiration~

  1. That was amazing..to see so many of your designs gracing the catwalk even today. I never did fashion design, but have always made my own clothes and still have and use a skirt pattern I first made 30 years ago…and no it doesn't look dated!


  2. Oh, awesome! I've got a sketchbook kind of like that! 🙂
    I guess at age 24 I'm not old enough to comment about my style over the years, since it was mostly “what mom bought” until 14, then “what h&m sells” until a few years ago. Still finding my style, I guess…


  3. I loved seeing your sketches. I have a folder with my sketches that date from '90s. The more experienced I am in sewing, the sketches are more detailed and show construction lines rather than just overal shape of garments. I think that my style and taste hasn't changed a lot during the years. The only thing that has evolved was my consciousness about my body and its proportions. Now I adjust the shape, length and colors of the clothes to my body, which I didn't do much in the past when I started sewing.


  4. ~winnibriggs – my 'school skirt' is about 10 years old now and I'm still wearing it, although I have chopped off the waistband because it got too tight!
    ~alessa – maybe in 20 years time you'll have a good giggle over your sketchbook like I did over mine! I hope you enjoy your visit to New Zealand!
    ~liara – I do love that MK dress!


  5. My desk at work is covered with little sketches of sewing projects I'm making, or wish I was making, or am planning to make! That dress with the pleats is awesome! I suppose your style is timeless then, as so many of your sketches are still current and cool!


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