~FO: burda 11/2008/103A top~

It has been a productive weekend around here, sewing wise:

I’m really short on tops at the moment, and thought this was a nice wearable design to use up another end-of-the-roll piece that I had saved.  It turns out the whole piece was flawed with barring across it, but although it was really noticable on the wrong side, it was barely visible on the right side, so I decided that if anybody ever noticed it could just be a ‘design feature’!
I really like the unusual turquoise colour – it is not the usual bright summery one, but is a darker winter cousin, but still not dark enough to be teal.  Got me?  I do go on…
The fabric is a viscose/elastane knit which is a great fabric – much dressier than cotton/elastane, and nice and drapy and cool against your skin in the humidity.
My modifications?  I double folded the neck edges and hems 1cm so they all looked the same, otherwise that’s it.  I highly recommend the pattern.
Anyway I like it so much I’ve already cut out a long sleeve version in some chocolate wool/viscose knit that I had lying around.  This isn’t one of my favourite colours, but will make a good winter housework top!

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2 thoughts on “~FO: burda 11/2008/103A top~

  1. Tk u so very much for the wealth of info you are willing to share. The visuals and the methodology are very clear. ECC 11:1 say “Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days.” Also there is a lillte chorus that says “Give and it will come back to you, good measure pressed down shaken together and running over.” These mean that when you share, when you give; the returns are multiplied many times over. I wish these blessings for you because what you have been sharing is phenominal to me and that is no flattery. Thank you for giving of you.


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