~some vintage fabric~

This fabric was stored in my mother’s stash for years before I stole it it mysteriously made it’s way into my own.  It is a cotton sateen from the early 70’s, in that perfect red, and that gorgeous quality that is sadly no longer mainstream…

Back then we lived on an isolated sheep farm, and my Mum used to receive tiny fabric swatches in the mail and would order her sewing fabrics from those.  I suspect that was where this piece originated from.  It was quite an exciting day whenever the swatches arrived – my sister and I would oogle and fondle and daydream about what style to make out of what fabric, and which colours we liked the best.  We never knew it then, but many years later I would be a real fashion designer…

Anyway over the years I’ve toyed with turning this piece into a skirt, but with three metres it seemed so wasteful not to use the full piece.  And I always felt the fabric deserved more than being a skirt anyway. 
So it would be put aside once more for further consideration. 
Then forgotten about. 
Then rediscovered, thought about for a while, put away and forgotten about again.
Several times.

Now I’m thinking about a super-duper dress – I mean doesn’t it look gorgeous draped over the mannequin all 50’s-like?

We do have a wedding to attend shortly, so a new grown-up dress is definitely due. I think I am grown-up enough now to pull this one off!
But I’m a little afraid to cut into it.  There is something nice about a cherished piece of fabric just staying put in your stash.
Should I, or shouldn’t I?

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3 thoughts on “~some vintage fabric~

  1. I say go for it! The fabric is gorgeous and is just begging to be worn!!

    You have totally inspired me to make friends with my sewing machine. I've had the fabric to make a quilt for my son's 'not so new anymore' big boy room for about 6 months now. It's time to break it out. Do you have a beginner quilt pattern that you can recommend?


  2. Most quilts are squares which makes it easier to choose! Maybe avoid curves to begin with. Something like a nine-patch quilt would be ideal, which is sets of 9 squares surrounded by sashing strips. I had a look on the purl bee site, and they have a few quilts complete with tutorials! Check out the Carolina quilt, Little Forest Quilt, and the Zig-Zag quilt.

    Do give it a go – before your boy gets too big! Your sewing machine will love you!


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