~fair isle yoke top~

Today I finished my #6 Fair Isle Yoke Top by Fiona Ellis from Vogue Knitting Holiday 2009, so I couldn’t wait to take some photos of it.  It is summer here, and I felt a bit silly wearing long sleeves and a woollen top outside in the heat, but I managed to find a patch of shade under the grapevine so I didn’t faint!
Sorry about my annoyed-at-the-camera expression – the remote release was being a bit temperamental and it kind of shows!
I have square shoulders and I’m not sure raglans are designed for people like me, as there is a bit of bunching under the arm.  If I knit one again I will work on modifying this.  
At the armhole decreases the directions state to knit the stitches between in the main colour, however I tried to continue the fair isle pattern, but I was not hugely successful as the k2tog and ssk’s kind of hid my efforts!  Oh well.
Also, I knitted one fewer zig-zags at the neckline, as I thought it was high enough for an Auckland winter – plus the yarn is a teeny bit itchy, and if there is one place it is going to annoy me it is at my neck! 

Overall I am pretty happy with it.  I think it is going to be a handy little pullover for winter – and all from stash materials!

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5 thoughts on “~fair isle yoke top~

  1. Thanks!
    There is a little bit of pink in the fair isle too, but it is not very obvious in the photos – I think maybe I should have chosen a stronger tone to make it stand out more.


  2. Hello Buzzybee! thank you for the comment on my blog about the decopatch – I love your knitting, the fairisle top is a work of art – it seems funny to me that you had to find shade to wear it for the photo as we are still freezing here in the UK!!! All the best **Kim**


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