~tropical frangipani~

About three months ago DH arrived home with a rather dead looking branch and lovingly planted it in a large pot.  When I asked what it was, and what it was doing on our property, he said it was actually a tropical frangipani and that with some TLC it might survive.  It looked pretty dead to me.

DH fussed over the lifeless, leafless stick for a couple of months, checking that it had neither too much nor too little water, moving the pot around the lawn several times a day so it had full sun, moving it into the garden shed on cold nights, and back out again into the morning sun.  I didn’t exactly get jealous of the dead looking stick, but it was definitely getting the priority treatment.

About a month ago it started to show signs of life, and slowly it spurt forth buds, then leaf shoots, and very soon it was sporting glossy dark green leaves.  The leaves look nice, I commented.  The flowers come next, he said, showing me tiny buds I hadn’t even noticed.

And they did.  About a week ago one solo bud slowly unfurled to reveal its inner beauty:

And the others soon followed, with an incredibly sweet and heavenly scent:
It is hard to believe that a dead looking stick summoned the energy to produce all this beauty!  I think next year I might allow it to graduate from the pot, to a prime place near the patio.  

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