~babette blanket~

I’ve been slowly working on the infamous Babette Blanket for a while now, and really love the results so far. It is quite addictive making all those little squares, and I don’t think I’ll be able to stop myself making another one because I keep thinking of all the other colour possibilities, not to mention the stash-busting opportunities!

I’ve chosen mainly plum/raspberry colours combined with shades of green, which was quite difficult to do in a country where 4 ply comes mainly in pastels or brights! I’ve added in a few 6 ply and 8 ply weights to allow a greater colour range, but I don’t think it really matters as I’ve managed to block them to the same size.

From observing other crafters on Ravelry, it seems there are two main approaches to this project – either choosing colours totally randomly with a lucky dip from your stash, or carefully selecting colours that look good next to each other. I am definitely of the second breed – clashing colours would annoy me every time I looked at my finished object!

I don’t think I would ever sew it up if I made all the squares first, so I am sewing them together in groups as I work. This helps with planning the colour of the next squares too. I’ve left long ends, and use them to sew the squares together in mattress stitch in the back loops of the finishing round. I’m not sure if this is technically correct, as most books suggest crocheting them together. But I like the flatness of my made-up method, and really love the way it results in little contrasting running stitches in places – just like a bought, oops I mean homemade, one!

Pattern: Babette Blanket

Designer: Kathy Merrick
Published: Interweave Crochet Spring 2006, Interweave online store
Ravelry link: here

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3 thoughts on “~babette blanket~

  1. I love Babette, and I think you have chosen the prettiest colors. It is beautiful! I saw one in NYC at Purl and it took my breath away.

    I think it's wise to sew them up as you go…I have a basket of granny squares that need sewing up and I am just dreading that huge task!


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