5 Sewing Tips for November

Do you ever get your right and wrong sides of fabric mixed up when you are sewing?  Sort that problem out in seconds by chalking the wrong side of your fabric when cutting: Get into this simple habit, and you’ll never wake up in the morning to discover that last night’s bound buttonholes are inside out! (It has happened…) Have […]

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5 Sewing Tips for October

pattern scissors cloth

I can’t believe October is almost over. Here are my five sewing tips for the month – quickly, before it turns into November! If you have ever done quilting, you have probably done chain piecing: This is a technique where you butt multiple short pieces up to each other while sewing – and it needn’t be […]

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Pre-washing Fabric: Is it Really Necessary?


One of the first rules in sewing is to pre-wash your fabric before you cut it out, so that any fabric shrinkage is taken care of before the garment is made. Who wants to spend hours sewing a new garment, wear it once, then find out after the first wash that it has shrunk beyond wearable? […]

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All Tied Up Blouse

I sewed this tie-neck blouse back in April and it has finally made it onto the blog. I have been wearing it all winter – so it’s a goodie! The pattern is the same as my other tie-neck blouse I made last year, bar a couple of minor tweaks. I raised the neck split a bit to make it […]

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5 Sewing Tips for September

I’ve been participating in House of Pinhiero’s SewPhotoHop on Instagram this month, and one of the days focused on sewing tips.  As I searched my blog looking for something to put up I realised how many handy little one-liner tips are hidden within larger posts in my blog, never to be seen or heard of […]

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