5 Sewing Tips for January

5 Sewing Tips for January : from the archives of Pattern Scissors Cloth

One of my goals is to learn at least one new thing every day. Once you get to a certain level in anything, it is easy to keep plodding along not learning anything new – and I don’t want that to happen to me. The ‘new thing’ doesn’t have to be a big thing, sometimes […]

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Pre-washing Fabric: Is it Really Necessary?


One of the first rules in sewing is to pre-wash your fabric before you cut it out, so that any fabric shrinkage is taken care of before the garment is made. Who wants to spend hours sewing a new garment, wear it once, then find out after the first wash that it has shrunk beyond wearable? […]

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All Tied Up Blouse

I sewed this tie-neck blouse back in April and it has finally made it onto the blog. I have been wearing it all winter – so it’s a goodie! The pattern is the same as my other tie-neck blouse I made last year, bar a couple of minor tweaks. I raised the neck split a bit to make it […]

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Helter Skelter Dress

My latest creation is another simple shift dress to wear to work, this time with a slight cut-away shoulder. I love all the exposed shoulders around lately, and it’s a wonder I don’t already have any dresses of this style. It has been so hot and sticky lately that I decided I needed one right […]

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Planning Pattern Placement

How do you decide where the design of your printed fabric is placed on the garment you are making?  It pays to spend time planning exactly where the dots, lines and stripes are going to lie when cutting out, to avoid any unwanted surprises when sewing up. Many prints are straightforward, but others like this […]

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