Pretty Piping

I’m a big fan of using piping as a trim on garments, and recently I have been sewing it into the waistline of dresses: Piping in the waistline of my Aurora Dress Piping in the waistline of my 1950’s Red Spot Dress One reader asked if I had done a tutorial on this, right before […]

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More Machine Underlining Tips

Once underlined, the only alteration I really had to do to the bodice on my Red Spot Dress was shorten the back waist.  A lot of the original wrinkles appear to be caused by Polyester-Vs-Skin static rather than the actual fit.   I’ve reattached the skirt with a lining and here it is so far, […]

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How to Sew: Tailored Jacket Collar and Lapel

How to sew a tailored collar and lapel

Sewing the collar, lapels and front edge really starts to bring our garment together. There are only eight sewing steps to complete this stage – and one of them was completed in RTW Tailoring Sewalong #10! But, first: Full marks to the first person who notices my mistake in that last post: I am really not […]

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How to Sew: Double Welt Flap Pockets in 10 Easy Steps

I must be a bit of a nerd because I love making jet pockets – so much so that I voluntarily made one this morning for this sewalong tutorial. Would you believe me if I said that a double jet pocket with a flap has only 10 sewing steps?  It’s true! I am going to […]

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Tricks of the Trade: Continuous Bound Sleeve Placket

How to Sew a Continuous Bound Sleeve Placket - a sewing tutorial by Pattern Scissors Cloth

A continuous bound placket is one of my favourite methods for a sleeve placket where lightweight fabrics are used, such as on a blouse or dress.  It is easily inserted into a one piece sleeve where a vertical split is made – not at the sleeve seam, but at the location of the little finger. You will need to […]

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