5 Sewing Tips for July

Welcome to 5 Sewing Tips for July – I’ve tried to make them as random as possible! A problem with many prints is that they are not accurately aligned with the horizontal grain, like the one below (the lengthwise grain alignment is usually fine). What to do? For a small all-over spot like this one, […]

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5 Sewing Tips for June

  I know, I know, it’s July! I hoped to post 5 Sewing Tips for June last weekend, but we nipped south to visit my parents instead – and nippy it was: So here goes – better late than never! Do you have some fabric that you’d love to make into a top – but […]

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5 Sewing Tips for May (even though it is now June!)

5 Sewing Tips is late this month because I’ve been on holiday! I was hoping to post before we left, but no such luck and it is now June. Better late than never as they say! If you are sewing a bias skirt or dress, pin it to a dress stand before you sew the side […]

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5 Sewing Tips for April

5 Sewing Tips for April - from the archives of Pattern Scissors Cloth

Have you ever sewn a long zip down the centre back of a dress, and it has turned out wavy? Say goodbye to this problem by applying fusetape to the stitching line first: The wavy appearance is caused by the fabric stretching as you sew (either because the fabric is stretchy, or the seam is a curved […]

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5 Sewing Tips for March

5 Sewing Tips for March - from the archives of Pattern Scissors Cloth

Welcome to the seventh edition of 5 Sewing Tips! I’ve been reposting these little tips that have been hiding long lost in my blog since September now – I hope you are enjoying them as much as I am enjoying putting them together. This month is all about cutting bias pieces, sewing a neckline facing, […]

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