5 Sewing Tips for April

5 Sewing Tips for April - from the archives of Pattern Scissors Cloth

Back again with more sewing tips from the blog archives! First up is a note on sewing those little triangles at the end of jet/welt pockets. In the image below, the end of the two jets don’t align perfectly. In theory they should, but in real life there is often a bit of fabric creep […]

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5 Sewing Tips for March

5 Sewing Tips for March - from the archives of Pattern Scissors Cloth

  Don’t be afraid to question the order of construction in some sewing patterns. Check out these sewing instructions: After nearly finishing this jumpsuit, you are expected to manipulate your sewing machine around all the fabric layers to sew the patch pockets on – how could you do this neatly and accurately? It is far […]

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5 Sewing Tips for December

Have you ever turned your fabric selvedge into stabilising tape? Because of its firmly woven structure, a strip of selvedge is ideal to incorporate into a seam to hold things in place. I used these strips of silk selvedge to fix the gathers on my Ruby Slip bodice where they joined the bias skirt. An added advantage […]

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5 Sewing Tips for September

Not all fabrics shrink and require prewashing, in fact doing so may make your fabric harder to handle during the cutting and sewing process. I recommend prewashing a test swatch and calculating shrinkage before throwing fabric in the machine willy-nilly. All the details about how to do this are in this previous blog post. When cutting […]

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5 Sewing Tips for August

  Last month Kristen inquired about correct sleeve grain. This picture (my coat mock-up from the Ready To Wear Tailoring Sewalong) shows the sleeve grain marked in pen. This is a one-piece sleeve with a back sleeve dart, ie a slightly shaped tube. You can see the lengthwise grain following the curve of the arm, […]

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