The Beginning of a Teal Mohair Jacket

If you read my last post you will already have seen a glimpse of my vintage teal mohair fabric.  I salvaged it from a 1950’s coat that had the sleeves and collar missing, but the front and back panels were just large enough to squeeze this 60’s jacket pattern from:

I love to create something from things that would otherwise be useless – I think that is the bit I like best about projects like this!  There was a bit of creative laying out to get everything cut, and the fabric pile didn’t help matters, but I managed to cut all pieces with a few compromises.

I had to add a CB seam on the back and the collar, and cut the undercollar on the bias instead of the straight grain. I added a sneaky patch to the front facings:

and a compulsory cuff:

There are a few places where seam allowances and hems have to err, pretend that they are there:
I’m using the inside of the coat as the right side of my jacket.  Due to wear and tear the mohair was extra fluffy in areas, as you can see in some of the photos!  Here’s my progress so far:
Front darts – because of  the thickness of the fabric I slashed and pressed them open to reduce bulk:
  The front interfacing is secured to the front:

and the collar interfacing to the under collar:

I’ve pinked all the seams, and will catchstitch them down so they lay flat permanently.  That sounds like a lot of work, but catchstitching on this chunky fabric is quick and fun!

I found these two vintage buttons in my stash that match perfectly:

But unfortunately I need four! I would have loved to have used them as they originated from my mother’s button box – I even asked her to check for some more, but no such luck.  Whatever buttons I do get they need to be 40mm – because I’ve already started the buttonholes!

Wish me luck!

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24 thoughts on “The Beginning of a Teal Mohair Jacket

  1. Love your idea of refashioning a vintage garment. This will look great – can't wait for the reveal. I so love this teal colour at the moment – gorgeous!!!


  2. Looking forward to seeing the finished jacket. It's a great colour. Would you think of using self covering buttons if you have trouble finding suitable buttons?


  3. I love that colour which you just don't see round at the moment (clearly not the colour of the season). That's one of the reasons I love buying vintage fabric, for the 'murkier' colourways, the teals, powder blues and mauves. what's more, I never have trouble matching the fabrics with buttons as the vintage buttons I have match them perfectly! Best of luck finding yourself some more 4 mm buttons…


  4. Those buttons are GORGEOUS. Shame they can't be duplicated!! Looking good otherwise and I think it's really cool you've been able to create this from an existing garment 🙂


  5. Beautiful fabric and your use of it makes it even more so. What a nice jacket this will be. A clear punch of color will be a standout no matter how you pair it.


  6. That is a beautiful color and will look amazing all sewn up once you're done! I wonder where the rest of the coat went? Those would have to be some pretty hungry moths!


  7. What a fun fabric to play with! I love how spongy and warm it looks, and such a gorgeous color. You have a great knack for finding buttons that are just meant for each thing… hope you track some!


  8. Ah, what a great idea, to give the old lady a new lease of life like that! The colour is wonderful and you are so creative. I bet the new jacket will be really special.

    Good luck with your buttons.


  9. Hi, I just found your web site. (LOVE IT) I am crazy about sewing. I don't know enough about the internet to be able to blog, but I love reading other blogs by people who are crazy about sewing too. I posted a link to your website on Sewaholics blog. Then I see you already know her. I'm sure she doesn't know me, but your slip was just too pretty to not share it. I do hope you don't mind. Thank you so much for all your blogs and help for us that are inexperienced in sewing.


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