Knitting Progress, and Blog Stuff

Let me show you the knitting progress on my thrifted mustard tweed:

The pattern I am using is #15 Harlow Suit Jacket from Verena Knitting January 2010 – it is a rather cute peplum design with contrast collar and front bands:

I chose a plum yarn as the contrast, and even though there is no plum in the tweedy flecks it seems to work OK. This is a fairly dull colour to wear next to my face, so I thought plum would increase the flattery factor.  (If I was going to follow the tweedy flecks I would have had the option of lime green, royal blue, watermelon pink, or lemon yellow, so now you understand!)

I’m making it more fitted than the picture – using smaller needles, making it up as I go along…  I will make long sleeves – I’ve done half one but ripped it back today as it was too tight.  It is going to look quite 40’s don’t you think?

A lot of knitting was done on our holiday – it really helps to take a road trip if you want to make inroads into your knitting!

And when I came back, I discovered lots of blog awards waiting in the comments!  Thanks so much to the following bloggers for these awards:

Now, I’m going to break the rules here:
  • Instead of listing seven things about myself, I’m going to refer you to my new-ish About Me page – just click on the tab at the top! 
  • Instead of listing 15 more blogs, I’m going to send you to the side bar where there is a selection of fabulous blogs – click on the 15 that pique your interest the most, and make sure you leave some comments along the way!
  • I know I’m a terribly naughty and lazy rule-breaker for doing this, but I am trying to save time so I can get some sewing done today… cool, I knew you’d understand!
Speaking of blogs listed in my side bar – I deleted my blog roll by mistake!  I blame Husband actually – he bought home the bottle of bubbly, and poured me a glass, or two, and he should know not to do this when I am fiddling around with blog buttons that say things like ‘cancel’ or ‘remove’…  I’ve added some links back today – it is such a tedious job, but eventually I will get there.
What has amazed me, is how one week without my blog list makes me feel so out of touch – I missed out on amazing things like Katherine’s swimsuit, Jane’s Mad Men Dress, and all your OWOPs organised by Tilly!  Kind of like a part of my life was missing – and I suppose it was!

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19 thoughts on “Knitting Progress, and Blog Stuff

  1. I like the plum colour against the mustard. I don't think picking a colour that is in the flecks is very important.
    When I had to abandon my old blog, I felt a bit lost. I never did reconnect with some people which is sad. I just hope that they don't think I decided to ignore them on purpose! Technology isn't perfect, so I think everybody just has to be relaxed about these things.


  2. Ooh, plum and mustard look so great together. I think I missed the beginning of this… have you taken apart a thrifted sweater to re-knit?! Awesome! I'm not a knitter, so just end up sewing sweaters into something new. This is a whole new level!


  3. Your knitted jacket is coming out great! I like it better than the pattern photo, precisely because you are making it more fitted, good idea. And with a peplum you will be so in! I'd love to see it when you are finished.


  4. Wow, this knitting pattern is so pretty. I really love that waist and peplum, and the mustard color… oh. I really want to teach myself knitting. Maybe using a holiday as an excuse (I need something to do with my hands!).


  5. That is looking great . Did you treat the wool at all before starting to knit it up? I seem to remember steaming it to get the kinks out? What are you going to wear it with . I can see skirt or dress with a godet or flared hen insert type treatment in the back.


  6. Nice! I remember really liking that jacket too when the pattern came out. You look like you'll do a fabulous job of it. Perhaps I will follow suit and knit one too… now that I have somwhere I could wear it to!


  7. Your jacket is coming along beautifully! And, great minds think alike, I am having a mustard moment too… I bought some mustard wool recently 🙂


  8. I'm intrigued by this pattern now and want to knit a jacket for myself. The yarn specified in the pattern is not available in Australia so I was wondering what did you use to make it? Did you undo a secondhand jumper from an opp shop and, if so, how did you choose the garment to “upcycle”?

    The choice of colours is inspired – way better than the illustration with the pattern.


  9. Hi Corinne – the yarn specified in the pattern is a worsted/10ply, so anything similar in weight should work. The yarn I am using is recycled, but it was DK/8ply so I've made a few adjustments!


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