"My Mum Makes….."

Sonny Boy is away for a couple of weeks staying with his grandparents in the South Island, so I am taking the opportunity to spring clean his room.

I discovered some old schoolbooks, and was soon curled up on his bed reading his stories from years ago – a real insight into the world through a child’s eyes!

Life events both big and small, and important things like birthday cakes, ice creams, and lollies that feature mysteriously regularly – are documented in the way only kids can.

 Things like:

“I lost my sekend tooth when I was eating my brekfast this morning”

“On sunday I went to Raglan.  I went in a car.  I got some lollies.  they were different colours.  They were soft.  They were yummy.”
(No mention of the magnificent scenery or beach!)
“yesterday I took my cat to the vet and she died of cancer when the vet was going to give her a inggeksn. (an injection)

But this is the one I really wanted to show my sewing friends:

“My mum can make dresses from paper to fabric…..”

That has to be the cutest job description, don’t you think?!  Sonny Boy was my ‘assistant’ when I worked from home, and he always thought it was like magic the way the paper shapes became dresses!

(I know.  I’m missing him terribly…!)

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23 thoughts on “"My Mum Makes….."

  1. THAT is adorable! Such a precious thing to find. My kids make so much “fridge art” (my daughter in particular)and tell so many stories sometimes its really hard. I usually go through them at the end of every year and then put the best ones in a scrapbook. Which is really just a big 12×12 three ring binder album. 🙂


  2. Aw, that is cool. I like the “and she never forgets anything” bit. It just says so much about parenting in general. I could waffle on, but suspect it would just make me teary for those kids whose parents do forget things, like to feed them, or love them, or to stop and read their stories years later…


  3. So cute! Keep these notebooks, they will be a perfect reminder of how small and innocent your son was, once he's a mature man. I remember I started writing a diary when I was 12. Even now, I write a line or two from time to time. But I so enjoy reading my thoughts from the time I was a kid, a teen, a young girl in love… Sometimes I find it more amusing than watching photos from my travels.


  4. These are such wonderful moments! I opened a box of my sons favorite school papers and found an amazing story about his step-father who is in the army. Soon he will be too big for moments like these, but new moments. 🙂


  5. How sweet. Thanks for sharing. And, thanks for leading another great Sew-Along. I didn't literally follow along, but I did enjoy reading it all.


  6. Awwwww, so cute! And congratulations, you have taught him well :)) Chin up.. I am knee deep in teenagers, my own and then a few extras thrown in too :S Need. To. Escape. Preferably into my sewing room!


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