I only popped in to buy a zip…

For my Red Spot Dress I needed a red 60cm invisible zip, and after rummaging through my zip stash to find everything but, I popped along to Global Fabrics to get one.

The big problem with Global Fabrics is that the counter is situated at the rear of the store, so to get there you need to pass through aisles of fabric laden tables.  Highway robbery really…

#1 – ecru silk/elastane cherry print
#2 – navy silk/elastane anchor print
#3 orange cotton voile spot
#4 berry/amethyst/chocolate silk/linen floral print
#5 black/ivory wool spot
#6 blue/turquoise/white cotton print

In keeping with my rule of buying one new fabric per two stash fabrics used, this means I need to have used up twelve stash fabrics recently.  I haven’t.  Obviously that rule needs changing!

Are you a fabricaholic too?  Do you have a large stash that you are trying to sew your way through, but occasionally need a rewarding splurge on something new?

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37 thoughts on “I only popped in to buy a zip…

  1. On Memorial day back at the end of May my local Hancock Fabrics had a notion sale. I popped in to stock up on zippers that were 30% off and ended up spending $167. Does that tell you anything??? I think I have a medium stash. I have more winter fabrics than summer. I had a “purchase only 3 fabrics per month rule”, but some where along the line I must have forgotten about it. Your new fabrics are gorgeous.


  2. I do the same as you! I try to stick to the use three buy one rule but it never EVER happens! Those fabrics look like they were worth breaking the rules though!


  3. Those fabrics are so worth breaking the rules!

    My confession: Whenever I'm in town (at least twice a day) I magically end up in the fabric store. Sometimes a fabric just jumps out at me. And I know what I want it to turn into and what techniques I want to use. But I. Can. Not. Keep. Up. With. Sewing. Therefore I always have 10-15 pieces of fabric (complete with self-drafted pattern) lying around. But I'm glad even the pros aren't immune.


  4. My rule is, that if you see a particularly delicious fabric, you should buy it. I never have any trouble keeping this rule ;). However, I have recently introduced a new rule, which goes something like, no more silk until you sew some. I am not so good at keeping the new rule.


  5. I recently had a similar splurge, but it was modest. Nice fabrics are difficult to come by where I live which makes it impossible to not purchase them when you see them.

    I say Good for you for supporting your local fashion fabric store. They are on the endangered list you know.

    I am curious…what is considered a large stash? Do we have hard numbers?-lol. I think a stash chart might be in order.


  6. Sherry, I'm the same way; I really have to drag myself out of the shop, or I'll buy everything in it. Mostly I just avoid going at all…I do the same thing w/ food–we never buy potato chips because I'll just eat them all at once!

    Your purchases look amazing; what great taste you have. And look at it this way: You're keeping the world economy going, right?!


  7. I love your new purchases, especially that navy with red anchors…gorgeous!

    I think if you love sewing, you ultimately love fabric and have to have a strong mind (or no money) to avoid splurging. I am currently trying to restrain fabric shopping as the current cabinet where I store it is full to the brim.


  8. I really like your fabric purchases. I make similar rules about purchasing fabric also. I am a believer that rules need to be flexible (broken) from time to time. Being a fabriaholic allows me to break those rules often.


  9. Aha! This happens to me every time I go to my local fabric store. I'm needing some buttons, but I'm afraid to go because I really don't need more fabric, and I have no will power. 🙂

    I really love the orange fabric!


  10. I love the anchor print–so cool! I don't really have any rules other than that I have a bi-yearly budget for what I call “art supplies”, which takes in more than my sewing stuff. For me fabric is the best part of sewing and I'm thankful to have a husband who loves interesting textiles. Although the last six months I've been trying to sew up leftover yardages from other projects and I'm finding that quite fun. I think the ridiculous part of my stash is the scrap pile. I'm so weird about saving every little scrap. (Oh! I might make binding out of that someday! Not!)


  11. I love the orange and white polka-dot fabric! I so can relate to your post. Except where I shop the notion department and cashier is at the front of the store. I can't explain the pull to the sale section at the back of the store.


  12. Mmmm,yes, I stash and it has gotten larger rather than smaller since I started serious sewing. Rules don't help either. Three weeks ago I walked into my favorite fabric store just to see if they had any interesting “Day of the Dead” fabric and walked out with six yards for a shirtdress and a shirt. Could not pass it up.

    But since I started buying only in my specific colors, the resultant wardrobe has become more coherent.

    Theresa in Tucson


  13. Amen to this post! The moment I make something, I start feeling the itch to buy more fabric, let alone if I'm actually left loose in a fabric store. In theory I also have a 2:1 fabric purchasing rule. In theory. Still the fabrics you got are just divine. Especially love the silk/linen floral print number. Will be divine!


  14. I never had a rule in the first place – 'cos I knew I'd break it – working in a fabric store doesn't help either – perfect working conditions for a fabricaholic!!!


  15. WOW !! How lucky are you to live so near to such a great fabric store ! You picked some beauties, I LOVE the cherries and anchors ! cant wait to see what you sew up with them.


  16. I agree, you really are lucky to live near a lovely fabric shop. I usually have to rely on mail order for interesting purchases. Maybe that's not a bad thing – there's 2 fabric addicts in this house, me and my daughter, both building up large stashes. Quote “I just LOVE fabric, I could sit and stroke it all day”


  17. I've given up trying to justify my fabric addiction. It just is and I LOVE IT.

    On a side note, I only had to buy trim and a yard of white fabric to make my kids' Halloween costumes.


  18. I'm with kbenco: my rule is to not leave beautiful fabric in the shop.

    The sub clause is that the fabric should be somehow usable in my lifestyle and not replicate, excessively, something I already have in the stash.
    Lots of wriggle room in interpretation here!

    The second sub clause is that I should be able to fit it into my stash storage space.
    I can probably squeeze about another 50 metres in.
    I've got about 200 metres.

    Yes, I'm a fabric-oholic.
    No, I'm not looking to change that 🙂


  19. Great fabric. I particularly love the black and white wool spot. My stash is pretty big. I'm currently on a fabric buying embargo until further notice. I try not to look at the fabrics when I go to buy zips and cottons because I know I'll be tempted.


  20. If I lived near Global Fabrics (a friend of mine shops there for me when she's in New Zealand! Hah..) I would definitely splurge.

    As it is, my sewing is taking over our entire house no matter how I try to make it behave, so it's better if I stay OUT of fabric stores… 😉 Also, I find that sewing for separate “wardrobe collections” helps me not buy fabric…


    Now I want to go buy fabric…


  21. Great fabric choices! I have hummed and haa-ed over the silk with anchor prints (was it Marc Jacobs or Karen Walker?) myself and have my own copy of the blue and white polished cotton check. Now I will wait to see what you do with it with great interest. I bought it in mind with a shirt dress – as I am fond of a good shirt dress and it has a very “shirty” quality to it.

    I used to be so, so good about not having stash. Then I learned that if I hid it, it felt like I didn't have it. Recently I dumped all my Nick's crap at the Sally Army so it'll be interesting to see how long it loiters in their baskets.


  22. All very cute fabrics! Why not go through your stash and donate any fabrics you know you'll never use, those ones you just scratch your head over. I do that every so often just to keep on top of the stash.


  23. I had a break through yesterday. I actually managed to drive past the fabric shop without going in! Truth be known though, I had the dog in the car and it was too hot to leave her in the carpark.


  24. I've been trying to only buy fabric after I finish a project (one out, one in). But it does feel like the rule of fabric purchasing is that you see the best stuff when you aren't looking for anything in particular.


  25. Seriously, I want EACH AND EVERY ONE of those fabrics and would not have walked away without any of them. I guess that eliminates me as a potential 'accountability' partner!


  26. Lovely work!! Highway robbery – they ought to be ashamed of themselves! Yes, I have a stash – yes it is shameful – but my excuse is that I don't have a readily available “good” fabric store close – so one must do what one must do!!


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