Jumping into Jumpsuit Territory

I’ve been twiddling my thumbs on this 70’s jumpsuit for a while, thinking will I, or won’t I?  I’ve even alluded to it in a couple of posts, and readers have either a) laughed your head off at the silly styling, or b) remained tactfully silent!

But still this vision remained in my head of a cool jumpsuit – for some reason I have images in my head of Gucci in the 70’s, or Carnaby Street in it’s heyday.  I think with the right styling this one has the potential to be quite edgy.

Rather than the slinky black/bright Studio 54 style that is popular at the moment, I’m after more of a wintery 70’s utility style similar to this Zara one:

or this one from Chanel:

Actually the Chanel Autumn 2011 collection is full of cropped jumpsuits with  low slung patch pockets (notice they are all virtually the same pattern but in different fabrics – which I thought was cheating a bit!):


Anyway I have decided to run with my gut instincts and proceed.  I mean if Peter was considering making a jumpsuit in sequins – why am I worried about making one in conservative charcoal wool for?!!

The final deciding factor was that, if I lay up carefully, I actually have enough fabric for the-jacket-I-originally-intended-to-make, as well as the jumpsuit. Nothing to lose then, right?

So I whipped up a quick calico out of an old sheet (which promptly ripped down the CF when I tried it on – hopefully that is not an omen):

Only the craziest most dedicated post images of themselves online like this!

It’s not too bad – it just needs a bit more room, some major lowering of the back rise, and minor lowering of the back neckline.  And a tuck out of the front armhole.  Obviously my vision of cool is not yet realised…..

Can you tell I’m not entirely sure about this one?  I like the overall design, just not sure whether I have the aplomb to pull it off.  Stylewise, it’s definitely off on a tangent for me, but I’ve already cut it out so there’s no going back now!

Enough waffle – how about you – do you like to take style risks occasionally – step out of your comfort zone and into something new?  Do you dress seeking the security of peer approval, or do you knowingly accept that many will think your choices are weird?

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22 thoughts on “Jumping into Jumpsuit Territory

  1. Good on you. It will look fantastic, no doubt about it. I am totally for exploring a more whimsical, fun side.

    Jumpsuits feature a lot in Burda. I've seen some really funky versions made up as well. It's all about attitude, if you think you can, you totally can, but if you waver, it'll show.

    As an aside, at the airport yesterday I saw 2 women, one wearing this crazy skirt over pantalon combination and she looked terrific. One wearing top to toe good taste and she looked overly put together. I know I prefered the one where what she was wearing resonated with the wearer as an expression of her own creativity. Sometimes things that shouldn't work just do, and things that do work just make you yawn.


  2. I think it's really hard to go wrong if it fits properly, it's well made and in a color that flatters. It looks like you're doing all three, so you might be surprised how “you” it is.

    I like to push myself too, but it's kind of like being a drug addict. It doesn't faze me to wear 50's dresses with frilly pouffy petticoats anymore, so I find other ways to push the envelope. Bigger highs, or something like that. I figure one day I'll cross a line but to my surprise no one pesters me or calls me out about what I wear. In fact, the opposite is usually the case.


  3. I think it will look great, the wool is a good choice. Have thought about making a 70s jumpsuit for a long time, even have a 70s plum coloured polyester picked out for it, what lacks is the courage.


  4. I as well think it will look cool! With these things it's all about fit and styling! Having it well fitted, and in quite neutral fabrics will make the most of the whole jumpsuit idea! Here in Sweden I've seen a lot of bad examples of jumpsuits this summer, mainly from H&M, in pastel colors and hanging low between the legs… like some sort of combo between a jumpsuit and harem pants. Looking quite a lot like what small kids are wearing over their diapers… Anyway, what I was going to say was that as long as you stay away from those vibes, it'll be great. 😀 Good luck!


  5. I think if you can look so cool in it as a white bed sheet (definitely not usually flattering) and with your accomplished sewing; this one is going to be a winner! Can't wait to see it.

    I actually thought it would be long length but I really like the three quarter length. Will look super with boots.


  6. Well, first run looks good but the first thing I noticed was the crotch smiles. Given your expertise I'm sure this will be remedied in the second go around.

    (I'm still feeling a bit guilty for not completing the RTW Tailoring sew-a-long. My life went insane for a while there. Now that things are settling down, I still intend to do it though, once the kids are back in school!)


  7. I usually dress very plain, but am starting to like different styles now. It all started when I decided to start sewing clothes. Yep then I would see a pattern and think, now if this was like this and that was like this then this would be very cool. lol.

    The jumpsuit I am sure you will make wonderful, my thinking on those is when you have to go to the ladies room, lol you wound up taking off nearly all your clothes :O)…


  8. Love your fabrics and I know you will have the fit spot on. I just so remember those “going to the bathroom” moments and looking at my jumpsuit pooled on the floor while only in my bra from the knees up. I know many are making these and their long line is flattering. I have no desire to revisit this style, however. I know you will look great in yours.


  9. After seeing the muslin on you I think you can pull this off! Ha- I had forgotten about the bathroom moments! I had a playsuit that was like that.


  10. I applaud your boldness! I'm about to start a jumpsuit too (although a dressier strapless number) and I;ve noticed that a few people have tactfully remained silent too. LOL


  11. I'm not so sure about jumpsuits myself, but then my style tends to run to more classic pieces and not so much the fashion of the moment. I think that black Zara jumpsuit looks like something an international spy of mystery would wear, and I could see trying to pull that off with a big pair of black shades, sitting at a cafe sipping coffee, all the while pretending that I'm much more interesting and edgy than I really am. 🙂


  12. I absolutely think that you should take the plunge on this one, Jumpsuits are super cool and you can definitely wear one well., I really love the inspirational ones you have picked out. Looking at your muslin I can tell that it is going to suit you – it may only be an old sheet, but it is looking good!


  13. I like the look of some of the jumpsuits going around at the moment…the only thing holding me back is the hassle of going to the toilet…no one seems to mention this though?


  14. I think that the jumpsuit will look wonderful on you. I love the look, but I have never owned one in my life, exactly for the reason mentioned by Katherine, above.


  15. I think jumpsuits look good on tall women – I'm short so I won't venture that far out of my comfort zone. I really like your choice of fabric and imo – that can sometimes make or break an outfit – I say go for it!!!! You can pull it off.


  16. Funny I've been thinking about jumpsuits too. I'm quite short and I think they are quite elongating. You've almost got the fit right here and the style is very flattering.


  17. Love the fabric. Still think that jumpsuits should be confined to paratroopers, garage mechanics and toddlers– but you go right ahead with yours. Am no longer fazed by what others say about my clothing choices. I wear what I like, and in an uber-conservative small town almost anything will shock the natives. A small girl once asked me, “And what are you supposed to be?” as I walked into church at Christmas. I was wearing a charcoal-grey woolen coat with a shawl — it was the shawl that threw her off, I think.


  18. I'm a fanatic of jumpsuits… the bathroom factor is a pain but they're so easy to style! I love that you are doing it utility/tailored style like the Zara jumpsuit–nice to see after all the loose 80s-ish types. You know, I can totally see this with brass buttons and maybe buttoned epaulets on the shoulders. Some boots and voila! So chic.


  19. Sherry, if I haven't said it before, this jumpsuit thing is awesome.

    I really really really need you to email me. I can't find your email anywhere here. Bellelass (at) yahoo (dot) com. 🙂


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