~a house dress~

I have a roll of rather-boring-brown-knit.
I don’t know why I was left with this piece when I sold off all my fabric ends – I’m guessing it fell off the back of the truck, or maybe the guy left it behind on purpose!!
Whatever – there is 10m of chocolate brown 50% wool/50% viscose stretchy stuff. 
Now you know I don’t like throwing things out, so I thought I’d make it into something.  You can’t go wrong with a top, so I made a top:

This is Burdastyle 11/2008/103B top – it is the same as the cap sleeved version I made earlier.  I’m really not very excited with this top, but it is nice to wear and I definitely need more tops for knocking around in.

Now the fabric is 160cm wide, so cutting this top barely put a dent in the yardage.  Which leaves me with a new predicament: what to do with 9m of rather-boring-brown-knit?

I felt like something cosy, comfortable, something to wear around the house.
Everything I thought of seemed overly frumpy, until I came across this little number in Burda 5/2009#103B:
Do check it out – that is definitely not overly frumpy, that is completely oppositely very sexy. 
So some quick maths: boring-brown-knit + very sexy = potentially wearable!

I cut it out one night, and before I knew it, it was sewn up.  So here we have my modern-day housedress, complete with the perfect sleeve length for dishwashing, lots of comfy stretch for a multitude of houseworky contortions, and certainly more acceptable than your sleepwear for unexpected visitors like the meterman!

Still unexciting, but I suppose it looks better than the cloth on the roll! 
Here’s a close up of the bodice detail and my split ends:
I did a couple of minor modifications – I abandoned the CB seams because I thought they were totally unnecessary, and I joined the midriff band at the side seams instead.
Now for the remaining 7.5m of rather-boring-brown-knit, suggestions welcome!

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7 thoughts on “~a house dress~

  1. Both of those are super cute! I don't think it's boring at all… they are very good basics! I wish I could come a knit like that. 🙂 I think you could make some more basics… like a skirt, lounge pants, cardigan, etc. 🙂


  2. Or if you are really sick of it, do a giveaway, or fabric-swap it for something you like better.
    What a hot dress for doing the dishes! Love that you posed by the sink, towel in hand 🙂


  3. That dress is gorgeous! How I would love to have a nice brown wool knit like that. The top is cute too. What about a swing type jacket for some of the rest? It would then go with both dress and top?


  4. I LOVE this dress…I've searched all over the Burda Style site and can only find your post, but not the pattern. I confess, I don't know how the Burda Style site works…do they not keep patterns from the magazine for more than a certain period?? I just love how this turned out, and the style is perfect for me. Sort of a wrap look without the low neckline, the high waist is MUCH better for me, and the gathering at the band is very helpful for “the girls”! Is there ANY way to get this pattern after 3 years???


  5. Hi kc, this pattern came out of a Burdastyle magazine, we have them here at the library – have you checked your local library, sometimes they can get it for you on interloan.


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