~FO: burda 12/2006/101 top~

Ta-dah: – this little top is from remnants!

I cannot bring myself to throw anything remotely useful out, and this camisole was made out of the leftovers of my Emerald Shift Dress – don’t you love these unplanned and impulsive little wardrobe bonuses?!

I underlined all the fabric except at the bust darts, which were french seamed as described here.  With slippery fabrics I often prefer to keep the darts independent of the underlining, as the slightest inaccuracy can cause unsightly drag lines, and I sure don’t want them enhancing my bust! 

The camisole has a full lining – I didn’t have enough fabric leftover for facings, so I just fused along the upper edges of the lining instead.

I decided halfway through that this top needed a little bit extra, so after rummaging through my stash I found some black passementerie trim, and attached it along the empire line seam and the straps.

If you plan to make something similar you might find some of these pattern~scissors~cloth tutorials useful:

An extra note on facing invisible zips – to ensure your upper edges are perfectly level when finished,  stitch across the upper edges by exactly the same amount above the zip stopper on each side.  Here I have sewn 3mm above the zip stopper on each side, and you can see how only a 1mm variation would make one side sit higher than the other.  In this circumstance, it doesn’t really matter if your seam allowance varies by 1-2mm, but it does matter if your distance above the zip stopper does!

Happy sewing weekend! 
I’ll leave you with a little glimpse of my next project…

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One thought on “~FO: burda 12/2006/101 top~

  1. Yay for bonus projects! I often end up with extra at the end of cutting as well. Must be because we're so good at laying out our pieces 🙂
    Great tip on zippers, that's the best way of explaining how to get a perfectly matching top edge! Invisible or regular zip, it's all about sewing an equal distance above the zipper stop.


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