~three(!) new projects~

Although most of my posts have been sewing related lately, I actually have been doing a little knitting in between, and I have three new projects to report! 

Now is not the appropriate time to count the number of projects that I have to complete – this post is all about startitis starting some exciting new ones.

First up – Marlene Socks by Cookie A, from Knit.1 Fall/Winter 2008:

I loved this Cookie A pattern as soon as I saw it, and finally I have found a yarn that I want to treat to these gorgeous socks.  I am using Naturally NZ Waikiwi, which is a new release sock yarn, and is a combination of merino/nylon/possum/alpaca.  As you knit along you can feel that this is a very soft and cosy yarn, and unlike some sock yarns I have tried, the nylon content is fairly discrete.  The colour range is rather masculine, but there are a couple of colours I like including this air force blue.  The photo looks like charcoal, but it truely is a denim/slate blue colour.

I have also begun the #3 Multi-Shapes Cardigan  by Shiri Mor, from Vogue Knitting SS09:

This one has an interesting construction, and was begun when I was desparate for something more interesting than the endless stocking stitch of my Ladders and Lace Skirt.  Unfortunately you need to knit the sleeves first, and these are mainly stocking stitch!  However I learnt a new technique for increasing which gives a much neater appearance than the one I had been using, so that’s good. 
I’m using some Rowan Wool/Cotton from a previous project that I have decided not to complete, and I definitely think the Multi-Shapes Cardigan is more ‘me’.  I’m not sure that I’m doing a great job of knitting the Wool/Cotton evenly, and hope it blocks out to be more regular.

And the third new project is a crochet one – the Tatiana Pullover by Marlaina Bird, from Interweave Crochet W09:

This yarn is recycled from a previous project (don’t you love that you can unravel something that is no longer used and knit it up again?!).  It is a bit itchy and firm at the moment, but my test swatch softened up nicely when washed, so I hope that holds true.  The lace pattern should open up nicely with blocking, so I can’t wait to do that.  I’m always amazed at how quick crochet is to do – I’ve probably spent less than three hours on this and I’m already up to the neck decreases!
Speaking of neck decreases – I notice there is an error in the instructions for this area, so I was trying to figure out some adjustments, but the errata gods have been hard at work and the corrections are posted on Ravelry.  Isn’t Ravelry just great?
On the sewing front – I began a green silk/viscose shift dress today to wear to a wedding later in the week, so will keep you posted!

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