Readers of this blog might be forgiven for thinking that all that I do all day is knit, sew and bake – but really I don’t – honestly! 

Recently DH arrived home with this:

Do not be flattered by the word PAL on the handle, it has nothing to do with being friends, it is a paint scraper.

And just to show how much he cares, he also bought this lovely accessory for me:

He was so lucky Valentine’s Day has been and gone.

So lately I have been spending hot summer days down the side of the house, up and down the ladder, trying hard not to look in the neighbours bathroom window, performing my latest not-so-favourite activity – paint removal.

This is the small price you have to pay for owning a wooden Victorian villa, one with multiple paint layers built up over the course of a century, thick layers that have begun to flake and need complete removal before a repaint.  

Despite a few blisters (it’s hard work!), it is surprisingly rewarding to reveal the original timber inch by inch, and there have certainly been  some interesting colour schemes over the course of its history.

I do look forward to applying that final coat of paint though!

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2 thoughts on “~not-so-favourite-activity~

  1. Do you also find removing woodchip wallpaper satisfying? If so, please please come over and help me!

    Just kidding, but I know that combination well – the misery plus the happiness at the end of DIY… though in my case, usually most of the misery is R's… I am so slow at it and not so good at it, so by the time I've done a tiny bit, he's done most of whatever job needs doing!


  2. I haven't heard of woodchip wallpaper before, but removing it sure doesn't sound like fun!
    I just do a little every day, and it is surprising how much you can achieve in a week.


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