~pomegranate love~

Ever since I learnt of their existence, I’ve wanted to sample a pomegranate.  Native from Persia to the Himalaya, this ancient exotic fruit often appears in mythology and art as a symbol of prosperity and fertility, as well as featuring in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine.  It is not commonly available in New Zealand, but Californian imports are now popping up occasionally on the shelves of the supermarket.

They’re fairly expensive, so when I saw them for half price this week, I popped one in the shopping basket without hesitation.  Once I got home it didn’t last long in one piece – in fact it didn’t last long at all!  I gobbled it all myself, stopping just long enough to take a few photos.

Isn’t it pretty?  A starry arrangement of luscious juicy seed capsules, segmented by papery ivory pith. The thirst quenching juicy capsules pop in your mouth as you eat, and surprisingly, the seeds aren’t at all annoying.  Coming from someone who picks the seeds out of a grape, that is saying something!

The taste reminds me slightly of redcurrants – which is a distant taste from my childhood.  Mum grew several redcurrant bushes in our garden to make jelly from – if there was enough fruit left after three children had raided them, that is!  There were also blackcurrants and gooseberries – mmmmm, those were the days…..

However I digress.  If you haven’t tried a pomegranate already – do, because you’re missing out.  From now on I’m going to snap some up whenever I see them.

I just love those juicy tangy ruby pearls…..

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