~new year, new room~

Last year, if you stood in our spare room and looked north, you saw this:

Yes, a yucky old wall.

This year, if you stand in our spare room and look north, you see this:

No, you are not seeing things – the other day we really did knock out a wall of our house!

As you can see from the markings on the wall and floor we had the tiniest lounge, which was fine when there was just the two of us, and when L was a baby.

But now he is ten, and space was at a premium, so we removed the wall between the lounge and spare room.

Now look at all that space!

And all that extra light!

There is so much space I am finding it hard to fill with our existing furniture – I am constantly rearranging it and no doubt the layout will evolve a few more times.

And I have woken up the last few mornings so delighted with our new room that I’ve felt like doing cartwheels in it – just because I now can!

But if I am to be completely honest with you, the view in the opposite direction includes a large pile of books and magazines (new bookcase desparately needed), a filing cabinet (got to go) and my sewing machine – but you don’t need a photo of all that!

So there is a lot of arranging still to do.

And a lot of renovating to do as well – my job this year (the only catch to all this!) is to reline and paint all those walls, then sand and varnish the floors.

Now which colour will tone in with my Babette Blanket?

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