Santa is coming…

Since today is the first of December and Santa will shortly be leaving the North Pole, I thought I’d share this photo that I created for a photo challenge on Flickr.

There is a little story that goes with the photo. When I was a little girl and Santa used to come down the chimney on Christmas Eve, he always seemed to have a hole in his pocket, and he’d leave a trail of Mackintoshes toffees from the fireplace to the Christmas tree. Mackintoshes happened to be my Dad’s favourite too, and I thought it was cool that Santa and Dad had the same taste in lollies, that was until I realised Santa WAS Dad!

So it just goes to show – for Christmas you don’t need to spoil kids and buy the latest and greatest and most expensive, sometimes the simplest of gestures are far more appreciated and enduring.

By the way, I like the Mint 🙂

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