5 Sewing Tips for March

5 Sewing Tips for March - from the archives of Pattern Scissors Cloth

Welcome to the seventh edition of 5 Sewing Tips! I’ve been reposting these little tips that have been hiding long lost in my blog since September now – I hope you are enjoying them as much as I am enjoying putting them together. This month is all about cutting bias pieces, sewing a neckline facing, […]

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The Ruby Slip #5 – Sewing the Bias Skirt

Let’s start sewing the bias skirt pieces together! ย I’ll show you how I do this – along with a few tips and some troubleshooting. Assembling the Bias Skirt: With right sides facing, sew the skirt side seams from the hem up, matching all notches: ย  I recommend using the flatbed of your machine to do […]

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The Ruby Slip #2 – Cutting the Bias Skirt

Let’s move on to cutting the skirt portion of the Ruby Slip. ย If we want the bias skirt to hang nicely, accuracy is paramount here! ย In this tutorial I am cutting my black Ruby Slip, which I thought I ironed especially for the photo…..   The best way to cut the skirt is in a […]

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