~tangerine dream skirt~

tangerine  n. – a widely cultivated variety of mandarin orange the same colour as my new skirt!
dream n. – a fanciful vision of the conscious mind that I can still wear skirts above my knees!

Do I look happy with my new skirt?

I thought this fabric would make up nicely in a tulip skirt – so I used Burdastyle #114 from March 2008.  Before I knew it I had it cut out – with no calico, and knowing full well at 55cm it was going to be short.  A natural born risk-taker, that’s me.  Cross your fingers, she’ll be right, I said.  Well, not this time.  It’s kinda cute, but it needs so many irritatingly minor changes – I really should have made my own pattern to begin with!

List of negatives:

  • pocket gapes near top when worn – looks OK flat though
  • drag lines occur in bias area between pleats, even worse with hand in pocket
  • topstitching is puckering – stitch tension probably too tight
  • waist too small for me – I knew it would be – was I in denial?
  • hip curve wrong shape for me – I knew it would be – probably was in denial
  • it’s too short for me – I knew it would be – obviously in total utter denial…
The fabric is a chintzy cotton twill, and I really love the colour – not bright orange, not burnt orange, just my favourite orange.  I haven’t worn it much in the past, and I’ve just discovered that if you have blue eyes, orange really makes them stand out!
Some detail shots:
My zip may not be the perfect colour, but my topstitching lines up!  I also topstitched the pocket at 1cm because it looked lonely untopstitched.  You can see I used a hem facing for the front, rather than cutting the hem on – there was no way the hem and topstitching would sit flat with the curvature of the hem.  I fused all topstitched areas to avert wrinkles.

I’m really disappointed, with myself really, for wasting my favourite-colour-orange fabric.  I really liked the idea of this skirt with a simple white tank and these natural sandals for summer, and maybe jandals* for the beach.  I had visions of wearing it with khaki, or olive.  It even coordinates with my cherry camisole, and I think a glimpse of orange would have looked great flashing out from under my trenchcoat, when I finally get it finished…..

Oh well!

*jandals – popular rubber footwear made in New Zealand since 1957, known elsewhere in the world as thongs or flip-flops.  Inspired by the japanese sandal, Jandals became so popular that the trademarked brand name evolved into part of the language, and today in New Zealand it is commonly used to describe any manufacturer’s brand – even the ubiquitous Havaianas! 

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15 thoughts on “~tangerine dream skirt~

  1. So sorry you are unhappy with your skirt! I love that color too and your sewing is perfect. Are you being too hard on yourself or is it one of those that will just bug you too much? Cause if I saw you walking down the street all I would be thinking is “LOVE that orange… cute skirt!”


  2. That's so disappointing for you. The skirt is gorgeous. I do hope you wear it occasionally as it's a stunning colour and I'm sure people won't notice those things you are noticing. Most people look at the overall effect and I think you look great in your photo.


  3. This skirt is so beautifully made and the fabric is so lovely! If you really don't feel right in it then you have to find someone who fits it, because it's far too gorgeous not to be worn!!!


  4. Wow, I love it. Definitely not too short … I am Greek and we have a saying that says “many people will see it (the skirt), no one will notice (the flaws you see)” I bet when you wear it, many people will comment favourably.
    Love you matching topstitching!


  5. I think the skirt looks great on you. And no, not too short at all, are you kidding? You have great legs! I think your sewing looks so neat and nice and the colour is wonderful. Ofcourse if you don't feel good in this skirt you shouldn't wear it, but from what I can see you totally should!


  6. I am only just now starting to consider making my own clothes and your blog is one of the ones that inspired me. Everything you make is simply stunning. I do worry though that when I eventually do start that my perfectionist side is going to take over and I'm going to end up with a lot of wasted time, energy, and materials. For what it's worth, I think it looks amazing on you but I can totally understand being its creator and seeing its flaws, even if I myself can't see them. It must be slightly maddening! =)


  7. I'm with the rest… I don't think it's too short, but if it's too tight in the waist/hips, then you probably will never wear it. I love the topstitching at the hem though. I just made 2 things (a skirt and a pair of shorts) that I felt the same way about, so I totally know the feeling, and I like seeing that I'm not the only one. I suspect once you have it hanging around for a bit, you'll find some marvelous way to make it perfect!


  8. You know, I think sewists have a much, much higher standard for our own sewing than we'd expect from RTW. Honestly, your skirt looks like something cute from the Gap that I'd probably buy. Really.


  9. Don't be so hard on yourself. It may not meet the standard you set yourself, but is perfectly wearable. Could you let our the hip seam above the pocket a fraction to reduce the drag?


  10. I'm so sorry for you – even though i don't think it is looks bad at all. It is a nice and versatile skirt, and the topstitching really looks great. Maybe you can find a way to save it?!


  11. My partner drives me crazy saying jandals all the time (he is from Auckland too). We call them JC's! But I know what you mean about the skirt length, I have made a promise to the world not to show my knees in public ever again!


  12. Aw, too bad you don't love it! I can relate to making things where all signs are pointing to NO and yet we plunge forward.
    The colour's fantastic, give it some space and see how you feel after a few days apart 🙂
    And I have never heard of 'jandals' before – learn something new every day!


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