RTW Tailoring Sewalong #11 – The Collar and Lapels

How to sew a tailored collar and lapel

Sewing the collar, lapels and front edge really starts to bring our garment together. There are only eight sewing steps to complete this stage – and one of them was completed in RTW Tailoring Sewalong #10! But, first: Full marks to the first person who notices my mistake in that last post: I am really not […]

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RTW Tailoring Sewalong #9 – Tutorial: Jet Pockets with Flap

I must be a bit of a nerd because I love making jet pockets – so much so that I voluntarily made one this morning for a sewalong tutorial.  Would you believe me if I said that a double jet pocket with a flap has only 10 sewing steps?  It’s true!  The one I’ve made […]

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~tricks of the trade: turn of cloth allowance~

I was prompted by a couple of questions in the comments on yesterdays post about my pink jacket to write this post. First I started with a brief reply in the comments, but ended up with a complete essay instead!  Cloth allowance (or turn of cloth) is a simple but really important concept to understand if you want a professional finish to […]

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