5 Sewing Tips for November

5 Sewing Tips big Nov


Do you ever get your right and wrong sides of fabric mixed up when you are sewing?  Sort that problem out in seconds by chalking the wrong side of your fabric when cutting:


Get into this simple habit, and you’ll never wake up in the morning to discover that last night’s bound buttonholes are inside out! (It has happened…)


Have you noticed that sewing tape has one wavy edge slightly longer than the other?


You can use this to your advantage when taping a waistline. Rather than sewing down the middle of the tape, sew along the shorter straight edge, leaving the longer wavy edge free. If you position the tape so the wavy edge will hang down in the finished garment, it will contour naturally to the figure – try it and see!


Here’s an oldie from the Ready To Wear Tailoring Sewalong:


Forget using straight strips of sleeve head wadding – cut it to the shape of your sleeve head and it will be perfect every time!



For evenly distributed gathers, sew with them uppermost, secure the start and end points, then use the tip of a pin to fine-tune and adjust the gathers evenly between the two draw threads.


There are various ways to sew all-in-one facings, but this is the way I always do it because I like to sew my zip in first. Total rebel 😉

How to sew perfect all-in-one facings

Aren’t I doing well sticking to my monthly schedule – three days still to go in November! What’s your favourite tip out of this bunch?

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15 thoughts on “5 Sewing Tips for November

  1. Marking right and wrong sides – I just had to do this with my Frocktails dress, but I used bits of washi tape as I was worried my chalk would rub off! Must check out the facing tutorial. Thanks Sheryll!


    1. I always kick myself when I forget to mark the wrong side, it takes only a second and saves any confusion at sewing time. Washi tape sounds like a nice way to do it!


  2. Love your tip about sewing in your zip first before sewing your facing! Brilliant and I will definitely be using this “rebellious” tip 🙂


    1. Commercial sewing patterns usually put the zip in last, but I usually do it first because not only is it easier but it fits better with my other construction methods – like all-in-one facings!


    1. I think twill tape is flat, but the tape I have (cheap, generic, poly or poly/cotton) is curved to a similar extent as a contour waistband. One day I trialed sewing it in the opposite way and my waistband sat really poorly!


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