Sewaholic Fraser Sweatshirt

Late last year Tasia sent me a couple of her Sewaholic patterns to review, the Fraser sweatshirt and the Dunbar top.  I made the sweatshirt immediately because I had the fabric in stock, and was waiting until I finished the Dunbar top to blog about it, but I haven’t even started it and time is passing!


This top is such a good basic and it gets a lot of wear, especially now that it is spring here. The only problem with this sweatshirt is the fabric. I love it and it feels gorgeous, but it stretches tonnes with wear. From memory the fabric has some viscose content which might explain the zero recovery. Eventually I spent an afternoon unpicking the cuffs and hem band and taking them in 5-10cm because they had stretched out that much. I didn’t take in the neck band, but it does need it – with the prospect of unpicking more overlocking I decided the dropped shoulder look was just fine!


I originally approached Tasia and offered to review the patterns from a patternmaking perspective.  I know she has left the company now, but I still feel like I need to keep my part of the bargain, so I’ll keep it brief.  In retrospect I should have chosen something more complicated than this because there is not really a lot to say anyway! It fits really well, the sleeve hangs nicely and the 3/4 sleeve length is just right.  At an average height of  168cm I personally like the body length, but you might need to lengthen it if you are much taller. The only thing I would have done differently is add some extra notches to the neck band. I have no hesitation recommending the pattern at all.



In my own head I call this my Tasia Top because I think of her every time I wear it.  She was a much loved member of the sewing community and is missed, but whatever she is up to now I hope she is doing well and I wish her all the best!


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10 thoughts on “Sewaholic Fraser Sweatshirt

  1. The sweatshirt looks great! If you hadn’t mentioned the “little problems”, no-one would ever guess. Makes me feel better that I’m not the only one who sometimes doesn’t quite get the fabric/pattern combination right.


  2. Your sweatshirt looks great. I haven’t tried this pattern as I have been using the Linden but this might be worth checking out as well. I love the photos on Pt Chev beach, one of my favourite places, apart from those crazy days in summer when you can’t move for people!

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  3. Great pictures! I love the details on that pattern. I recently bought both the Dunbar and the leggings (and the shirt). Her patterns fit me so well I bought all the styles I liked. I think of her too every time I use her patterns;)


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