Check Mated!

I was cutting checks today, and nearly missed this little flaw running through the middle of the fabric – can you spot it?
No?  Let’s zoom in a little closer:

See that horizontal blue stripe in the middle?  It’s half missing!

This was the only faulty stripe in the 3m length that I had, and because there was plenty of fabric I was able to cut around it, so it was no big deal.  But I’m glad I spotted it before I cut out the skirt panels – or my sides seams wouldn’t have matched!

And speaking of matching – in my next post I’ll show you how to cut out perfectly matching checks (or plaids if you prefer) – fun, fun, fun!

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19 thoughts on “Check Mated!

  1. I'm truly amazed, that you found it. I know I wouldn't have. What do you need 3m of fabric for? another dress? I can't wait to see it, especially since the fabric is so pretty!


  2. oh I would love to know how to match checks – especially how to match the top of the shoulder sleeve checks to the bodice front – I can work out all the other ones but have never managed how to do that!


  3. I -didn't- catch one of these in some plaid recently, where one of the stripes was wider. Fortunately it was on the back panel of a dress for my little girl, so it's not all that noticeable (to others at least- it drives me crazy looking at it!) I'll be sure to check more carefully in future.


  4. Spotted!! Luckily you have enough fabric to work around this, as like you, it would really annoy me. How to match checks – would love your expertise on this – many thanks.


  5. Well spotted! I learned this the hard way- I recently decided to run up a circle skirt from some plaid I had in my stash, did all the requisite geometry only to find out too late (post-cutting) that a flaw in the weave meant the checks would not match correctly.

    Hard-won sewing fact #3935: check your plaids!


  6. I always feel so lucky when I spot a flaw before cutting! This is a beautiful plaid so I look forward to seeing your skirt!

    I'm cutting plaid at work tomorrow, joy!


  7. I couldn't do that on this dress (the CF and CB had to be the same stripe) but sometimes you can wangle it, and it sure looks nice when you can do so!


  8. Wow, you have great eyes, I honestly don't know if I would have made the connection that something was missing. It would have been one of those things that I wouldn't have been able to put my finger on, so to speak. Anyway, great Job, it's these little details that if not caught can give less than desirable results.


  9. Very timely I really want to sew up some very subtle check into wide leg pants but have put it off for this reason. I will look forward to this Mem


  10. Oh wow, I had a hard time seeing that. I just unfolded a bunch of my fabrics to refold in a neater way and noticed quite a few snags and flaws in my knits. I think I need to be a little more discerning! But it is pretty fabric–this has to be one of my favorite plaids, quite close to the family tartan ;). Can't wait to see what you're making with it!


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